"Paul is a infinite source of great ideas and comes through brilliantly for us every time. He's fun to work with and he makes my job easy!!!"

- Kathy Courtenay/Producer, Maybelline & Clinique

"Mambomusic is our "go-to guy". If Mambo were a baseball player it'd be a clutch hitter. Mambo's is fast, great music ... damn, what a combo. Whether it's magically scoring a spot or writing a 30-second infectious ska-pop jingle that you can't shake after just one listen, Mambo can handle it. I'd like to spend a day listening to the radios playing in these guys' heads ..."

- Mark Mazut, Creative Director, TLP/Uproar Advertising, NYC

"I have been working with Mambo Music for about two years now, Paul and his team are wonderful. The talent pool Paul has created is diverse and each track has originality. I am always impressed with the turn around time and the amount of options they create. It is truly a pleasure to work with the team at Mambomusic."

- Jill Dugger, Senior Broadcast Producer, Gotham Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Paul Weinberg and the entire Mambomusic family over the past three years on at least 30 different commericals. We could always count on Mambo to bring fresh, unique ideas to the table- each and every job was a success! The composers and musicians were consistently innovative, collaborative, and inspired!"

- Pamela Judkowitz, Senior Broadcast Producer, Grey Worldwide

"Paul Weinberg of Mambo Music is a great, reliable source of strength for us. Periodically, we request multiple demos for the same script from music companies around the country that have intrigued us. Each time Paul Weinberg of Mambo Music wins. His catchy hooks offer just enough complexity to propel the track without muddying the often-dense lyrics describing product features. Paul's music remains the strongest consistent element in what we do. Again and again, our clients have expressed delight at his irresistible tunes. He is central to whatever success we have enjoyed."

- End of the year production report, Tracy Locke/Uproar

Paul Weinberg at Mambomusic has consistently exceeded expectations and his success rate is the highest of any music house we work with. He gives us contemporary tracks that make us look cooler and smarter to our clients. He makes our presentations sing ... literally. And Paul does it all in a humble manner. If you want big egos go somewhere else. If you want nothing but great music, Mambo is the place."

- Dan Lombardi, Creative Director, TLP/Uproar Advertising, NYC

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